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Ancient findings at Chorisa
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Koula: My Life as a Shepherdess
The life of a carpenter on Hydra
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Hike from the Sports Field to the Chapel "stavros"
The Monastery of "Agia Triada", Holy Trinity
...continuing from the Chapel "stavros" to the Convent of St. Nicholas via the Monastery of "Agia Triada"
The Convent of St. Nicholas
Monastic Life in the Greek-Orthodox Tradition
...continuing from the Convent of St. Nicholas to the Beach of Limnionisa
Back from Limnionisa via Mandraki to the Port of Hydra
Giorgos: The Life of a Hydriote Stone Mason
The Monastery of the Assumption of the Mother of God ("Theotokou")
The "Albanians" on Hydra
Iannis Gavalas tells about the special beauty of Vlychos/Episkopi
The Driopes
The Feast of the Blooming Almond Tree
The Song of the Blooming Almond Tree
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"Kyria Maria the Candle-Maker"
Iannis Gavalas about the life of a donkey man on Hydra
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Tassos and the Sea
The book
Anna Barry

Hike 4
From the Sports Field of Hydra to the Beach of Limnionisa via the Monastery of "Agia Triada" (Holy Trinity) and the Convent of Saint Nicholas
Total time: 90 minutes

This itinerary begins with a steep ascent on a rocky path behind the "Bouagia" district to the east of the town's sports field. The hike yields spectacular views of "chora" and the harbor of Hydra, the surrounding mountains, and, ultimately, the entire coast from the port of Mandraki to the Saronic Gulf. Once you reach the chapel of "stavros", (Holy Cross), you can stride along a comfortable flat dirt road towards the monasteries. First you arrive at "Agia Triada", Holy Trinity. Eventually you reach the Convent of Saint Nicholas, whose resident nun will make you feel very welcome, offering both coffee and conversation.

At the secluded beach of Limnionisa with its characteristic grey-green-red pebbles, you can have a refreshing and possibly solitary swim. The pines at the back of the beach offer shade for a picnic.

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