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Map of Hydra Island
A special word to the short-term-visitors of Hydra
Mansions: "archontika"
Ancient findings at Chorisa
The sailors of Hydra
Koula: My Life as a Shepherdess
The life of a carpenter on Hydra
A recipe for "Fava"
Giorgos: The Life of a Hydriote Stone Mason
The Monastery of the Assumption of the Mother of God ("Theotokou")
The "Albanians" on Hydra
Iannis Gavalas tells about the special beauty of Vlychos/Episkopi
The Driopes
The Feast of the Blooming Almond Tree
The Song of the Blooming Almond Tree
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"Kyria Maria the Candle-Maker"
Iannis Gavalas about the life of a donkey man on Hydra
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Tassos and the Sea
The book
Anna Barry

Iannis Gavalas tells about the special beauty of Vlychos/Episkopi
"Many times in our lives, the voice of Nature is heard. If you have the good fortune to find yourself on the ecologically unique island of Hydra, you must discover the profound beauty of Vlychos and Episkopi:
Let your eyes linger over the intricate, delicate geographical embroidery of the shore of Vlychos.

Coastline of Vlychos
For many generations, Vlychos has been the favorite summer retreat for Hydriotes; this is still true today. Its shores and pebble beaches are pristine and ideal for swimming and snorkling. The crystal clear waters of Vlychos are home to many forms of marine life: octopus, sea urchins, indigenous shellfish, and many kinds of fish. The eastern boundary of Vlychos is punctuated in a picturesque way by the large stone arch of the 'Venetian Bridge'.
Ascend among the deep green pine forest beyond Palamidas up to the chapel of Saint Marina.
Finally, go to the plain of Episkopi with its open fields of grain and its soothing frangrance of mountain thyme. It is a place which calmes the mind and opens the doors of the heart with the revelation of its gifts to all of your senses. It is a long way to come here, but do not concern yourself with the distance.
Remember that God is movement, and when you stride forth and move, you become one with him."

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