Focus on Hydra
Map of Hydra Island
Focus on Hydra
What is special about Hydra?
Advice to the hiker
What else
Timing and planning
A special word to the short-term-visitors of Hydra
Mansions: "archontika"
Ancient findings at Chorisa
The sailors of Hydra
Koula: My Life as a Shepherdess
The life of a carpenter on Hydra
A recipe for "Fava"
Giorgos: The Life of a Hydriote Stone Mason
The Monastery of the Assumption of the Mother of God ("Theotokou")
The "Albanians" on Hydra
Iannis Gavalas tells about the special beauty of Vlychos/Episkopi
The Driopes
The Feast of the Blooming Almond Tree
The Song of the Blooming Almond Tree
HIKE  10
"Kyria Maria the Candle-Maker"
Iannis Gavalas about the life of a donkey man on Hydra
HIKE  11
HIKE  12
Tassos and the Sea
The book
Anna Barry

Foreword - Focus on Hydra
Focus on Hydra” is a collaborative effort.

Anna Barry and Iannis Gavalas first developed the idea of sharing Hydra's beauty with others. Anna is also responsible for all of the photographs.

Anna Barry  is a professional photographer who has exhibited her work in Germany, Greece, Italy and Australia. Since many years she has been coming to Hydra, as a guest of the Gavalas family. During her wanderings all over the island, the native Hydriotes have become her friends and advisers. Anna wrote and edited the German text.

Carol Inga Banck  and Anna wrote and edited the English text together. Carol also researched and verified details of several hikes and gathered information on many other topics in the text. Carol has been a teacher of English literature at the university and high school levels and has resided part-time on Hydra since 1988.

Iannis Gavalas,  a native Hydriote, is a true aficionado of the island. He has travelled widely as a captain in the merchant marine and has taught as a professor at the Hydra Naval Academy. He also is a published poet.

Peter Banck  provided much useful technical and editing advice. He also provided the original idea to expand this book into a larger work incorporating elements of Hydriote culture and history.

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